Drafting of preliminary notarial reports

Illegal construction, cadastral and mortgage-related matters. These are the pre-existing situations that often adversely affect the purchase of property. Through our service, you will be able to obtain deeds certified by technicians and notaries that prove the real mortgage and cadastral situation regarding your property, making the purchase safer and the sale more profitable. This check, which is carried out entirely at our expense, will provide you with the information you need to rectify any inconsistencies so as not to jeopardise the transaction.


Digital signature in case of impossibility on site

Everyone is aware of the complexities involved in buying property in Italy. If operations need to be carried out remotely, the timing and complications increase... considerably.

We value your time, which is why with our support you will have a team of professionals capable of simplifying and speeding up these operations while guaranteeing you the utmost reliability. You can count on the best result wherever you are, with maximum convenience and efficiency, and be present only at the signing of the Notarial Deed.


Legal, technical and economic consulting services

Selling a house is a complex negotiation process: there are numerous steps and transactions that require you to rely on different professionals, lengthening and complicating the paperwork.

Thanks to close co-operation with reliable professionals, you can count on a comprehensive service. You will have experts at your disposal who will also assist you on legal, technical and economic matters. By relying on us, you will have a single contact person who will support you also through the most difficult steps.


Unique window showcases for advertising purposes

Selling your house should be a straightforward, worry-free moment: your property is unique and highly valuable. We know this very well and through our window showcases, we will convey all this, enhance your property and give it maximum visibility. A prestigious strategic location, high footfall and an entire window showcase dedicated entirely to your sales project.


Virtual tour

Buying a house is an emotion and finding the right one is a priority. Unfortunately, time is always short and moving is not so easy, especially in this period. What if you could visit the property from the comfort of your own home in just a few minutes?

In order to meet these requirements, we offer the buyer the possibility to walk through the rooms as if he/she were physically inside the property. A panoramic tour to see every corner and detail of the property. The ability to measure distances and spaces to plan your interior decor, all while sitting comfortably on a chair!


Renderings prepared by an architectural studio

It is uniqueness that makes the difference! However, it is not always easy to understand the potential of a property. Especially when it is unfurnished or its interior has not been appropriately cared for. Through a professional study and a 3D rendering, we will help you enhance the spaces and reveal the full potential of your property. Buying a property is an emotion, we help you bring the emotion of buying your home to life.


Professional photos taken by a photographic studio

Pictures taken with a mobile phone, backlit photos, grainy images... This is certainly not the best way to present your property, your sales project deserves more. You will have skilled photographers and their professional equipment dedicated solely to your property. We aim to convey emotions through these photos and by means of this service we intend to provide you with the utmost quality and enhance every aspect of your home. One photo is often all it takes to fall in love, and that is the aim of our pictures.


Production of panoramic and 360-degree photos taken by drone

All aspects of a villa or a valuable property needs to be enhanced. That's why we do our utmost to bring that unique emotion to life through professional, panoramic and drone photography. The experience of a film set to make the most of your property and turn its sale into a unique, captivating story!


Total Privacy Sale Project

The idea of selling a house is often associated with the typical FOR SALE sign affixed to the door. However, unique circumstances require unique professionalism. This is precisely why our studio guarantees you maximum peace of mind and privacy when selling your property: away from prying eyes and for strictly selected customers only. We use a differentiated and specific channel, avoiding standard sales channels, maintaining the utmost confidentiality and guaranteeing the end result.


Prestige sales project

We know how to recognise the exclusivity of a prestigious property. Villas and apartments characterised by unique, distinctive elements which convey a sense of prestige. This is why we place particular emphasis on Elite properties, with a proposal designed for the most demanding and wealthy clientele. Your property will be positioned in a luxury market, through a differentiated channel, achieving maximum exclusivity and enhancement.